Warhammer FRP 3rd - Campaign

Chapter 1

The Missing Coach

Warhammer Beastman (Wargor)

Our Adventurers meet up at the Red Moon Inn and share a few drinks. Gormak, the Burgher, has been staying there for a few days and tells his new drinking companion Khoriboon, the Mercenary, that he has been awaiting the arrival of his new Roadwarden partner Rutger Abend. The coach Rutger is traveling on is now 2 days late and he expresses his concern. Khoriboon mentions that he too was awaiting an important package to be delivered to a high elf diplomat in the city of Ulthuan, and it too is late. Upon further discussion the two are able to ascertain that they may have one in the same goal. As the midmorning turns to early afternoon Khoriboon becomes increasingly restless, and the two decide to head off down the road to find the missing coach. In the meantime the skies overhead begin to darken; a storm is brewing.

After traveling for some time down the old dirt road, the Reikland forest surrounding them on all sides, they come to a clearing in the woods. In the clearing they witness a terrible sight. The wagon is broken down, one of the axles lies in the mud shattered. The coach itself looks like the back of a porcupine and is bristling with spears. The coach’s horses lie dead and bloodied, their broken bodies strewn across the landscape. In the midst of this carnage terrible horned creatures cavort and howl, their cloven hooves leaving deep marks in the dirt and mud. One of the creatures is rummaging through the back of the coach and throwing boxes out into the woods. Two beasts are on either side of the coach using their heads and fists to attempt to gain entry into the coach itself. A fourth, much larger creature, with fur bunched around its calves and horns twisted about its animal skull, is standing over whats left of the barely conscious Rutger Abend! A second coachman lies dead in the dirt, his worn blunderbuss lies next to his lifeless form. The battle appears to have been waging for some time. The heroes briefly exchange glances to eachother both nodding in agreement as to what needs to be done. Khoriboon makes a quick check into the surrounding wilderness to see if this is the entire pack of beasts, but the storm has now settled directly above them and it has become too damp and dark for him to see very far in front of him.

The heroes quickly engage the beastmen. Gormak fires his crossbow at the largest of the creatures burying the bolt deep in the beasts leathery hide. This enrages the creature, and he and the nearest beast pounding on the coach door begin to move towards Gormak. In the meantime, Khoriboon makes a move towards the beast at the rear of the coach and upon getting in range fires his blunderbuss. The Ungor at the rear takes Khoriboon’s gunfire right in the face nearly killing it outright. Both heroes then drop their ranged weapons and pull out the melee weapons to prepare to take on the three encroaching beasts in close combat. The fourth beast continues to try and enter the coach. During the fight the heroes also become aware of a surviving man still inside the coach, screaming obscenities at the beastmen and heroes alike, and stating repeatedly that no one will enter until he is sure the surrounding area is safe.

As his last few minutes in the Old World look fleeting the final surviving beastman presses a large bone horn up to his bloodied snout and blows. The horn’s sound rises into the dark sky and reaches far into the woods. Within seconds a loud horn blares in response just behind the heroes from a spot nearby in the surrounding foilage. The heroes brace themselves for what may be coming. A moment later a second group of beastmen stalk out of the forest, this one clearly much more powerful than the last. A heavily armored Wargor surrounded by 3 Gor henchmen carrying banners, spears, and rusted axes roar at the small band of heroes.

The Wargor presses forward towards the heroes while the Gor henchmen and remianing UnGor from the earlier party begin to form what appears to be a ceremonial circle around the wagon. Rutger Abend meanwhile continues to hang on to life but has begun to bleed very badly and passes out from his wounds; his time is short. The battle with the Wargor proves to be much more daunting than expected and the heroes suffer a few critical wounds. In time, the Wargor falls, and the surrounding beastmen, discouraged by the fall of their leader trudge off back into the Reikland forest.

The heroes quickly tend to Rutger wounds and are able to stabalize him enough to get him to walk with some assistance. After some coaxing and charming the heroes are also able to get the surviving coachman to open the door, and allow them entry to obtain Khoriboon’s desired package.

Upon reaching town, Khoriboon firmly shakes the hand of Gormak, who has Rutger leaning upon his left shoulder. Khoriboon understands that Gormak’s current responsibilities as Roadwarden restrict him to being able to travel outside the current provence, and expresses his hope that someday they meet again. At this time our two heroes part ways, and Khoriboon begins his long journey to the elven town of Ulthuan to finish his delivery.



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